Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Internet Is Getting More Advanced - 1388 Words

Internet is getting more advanced. People over the world have access to the Internet at their home that allows them to be educated, to communicate with families and friends from far distance, and to be entertain by movies. Colleges, hospital, and other public places also provide free Internet for people to use. Internet makes it possible for people to share their knowledge of education and their experimental around the world. Teachers across the world can communicate with each other better than before all because of Internet. Some people may argue that Internet has negatively effects students’ personal life and distracted them from finishing their assignments. Although the Internet can be distracting if it not used wisely but no matter†¦show more content†¦Not all the resources online are credible, mainly people opinion but most of them are credible because it involved experimental and logical facts. If college students are not careful about using credible resources t hen they will face difficulty during their research and will end up having an inadequate research paper. Finding credible resources online is challenging when searching in Google or Wikipedia. It involved a lot of reading and critical thinking and the articles may not be reliable at the end, which is a waste of time. To make it easier for students to find credible resources without having to search everywhere else, most colleges are now have online library systems where students can find information about scholarly articles with databases by reading online using a computer. This library system is useful and less stressful for the students to use and having access to the Internet at all time gives them freedom to fully concentrated on finding the right article that supports their paper. A study of students’ attitudes and usage toward the Internet in an agriculture course found that students use the Internet because it is easy to understand, important, beneficial, believable an d accurate (Rhoades et al.) Students can stay at home to do their research by login online through library system without

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