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Is PAWS Real or Just Another Relapse Excuse

Is PAWS Real or Just Another Relapse Excuse Addiction Alcohol Use Withdrawal and Relapse Print Is PAWS Real or Just Another Relapse Excuse? Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome Blamed for Many Relapses By Buddy T facebook twitter Buddy T is an anonymous writer and founding member of the Online Al-Anon Outreach Committee with decades of experience writing about alcoholism. Learn about our editorial policy Buddy T Medically reviewed by Medically reviewed by Steven Gans, MD on November 26, 2016 Steven Gans, MD is board-certified in psychiatry and is an active supervisor, teacher, and mentor at Massachusetts General Hospital. Learn about our Medical Review Board Steven Gans, MD Updated on June 04, 2019 Sleep Disturbance Is a Symptom of PAWS. © Getty Images More in Addiction Alcohol Use Withdrawal and Relapse Binge Drinking Children of Alcoholics Drunk Driving Addictive Behaviors Drug Use Nicotine Use Coping and Recovery Post-acute  withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) has been cited for many years by members of the recovery community as a major cause of relapse for those who are trying to remain clean and sober. After recovering alcoholics and addicts get past the stress and severity of the initial acute withdrawal symptoms of early abstinence, some experts say, another group of symptoms comes along that are uncomfortable or aggravating enough to prompt some to relapse merely to relieve those nagging symptoms. But, the phenomenon also known as protracted withdrawal syndrome or simply prolonged withdrawal is not without some controversy. PAWS is not an official medical diagnosis and its not found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. There are very few published scientific research studies that even confirm the existence of PAWS and there is a particular lack of any recent research about post-acute withdrawal. Controversy The shortage of scientific evidence and the exclusion from the diagnostic manuals of the syndrome has caused some confusion in the mainstream medical community as to whether PAWS is a real phenomenon, or simply a popular excuse for a relapse. Others have questioned if the so-called syndrome actually exists or is an invention of the professional alcohol and drug treatment industry to try to justify a need for their long-term services. For those who have experienced the unexpected symptoms of PAWS, however, post-acute withdrawal syndrome is indeed very real. How to Recognize Signs That Can Lead to a Drug or Alcohol Relapse Parameters One study was specifically conducted to determine if PAWS should be included in the DSM-IV. After a review of the existing literature at the time, Satel and colleagues at Yale University School of Medicine concluded that the diagnosis should not be included. But, the Yale scientists came to that conclusion, not because the syndrome does not exist, but because of methodologic limitations of the studies and lack of consensus definition of the term itself. Studies that did consistently describe symptoms extending beyond acute withdrawal failed to conclusively demonstrate protracted withdrawal from alcohol and opiates because they did not: Do multiple time-point samplingUse standardize instrumentsUse control groupsRe-administer the substance to suppress the symptoms While methodological issues may have excluded PAWS from the DSM, there is research suggesting that the syndrome exists and can contribute to relapse. Research Although few studies over the years have agreed on the exact definition and parameters of protracted withdrawal, some investigators have documented some of the symptoms associated with the syndrome. One German study found that long-term alcohol use tends to inhibit the effects of certain chemicals in the brain (atrial natriuretic peptide) and those effects remain diminished weeks after abstinence. This resulted in an increased craving for alcohol and increased feelings of anxiety during protracted withdrawal. A long-term study at Johns Hopkins University of 312 abstinent alcoholics found that some of the more demoralizing symptoms of withdrawalâ€"guilt, depression, interpersonal sensitivityâ€"decreased progressively with prolonged abstinence, but in some cases could take 10 years to return to normal levels. Authors of the Johns Hopkins study concluded that their findings were consistent with the concept of a protracted withdrawal syndrome. Why Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome Can Be a Barrier to Recovery Causes As the symptoms of acute withdrawal in early abstinence begin to diminish and stabilize, the symptoms of post acute withdrawal begin to appear, usually between seven and 14 days into sobriety. Long-term alcohol and drug use can cause chemical changes in the brain. When someone suddenly stops using, the brain must re-adjust to being without those substances. How long this adjustment lasts can depend on how much damage prolonged substance abuse did to the bodys nervous system. The process of the brain adjusting to being without drugs or alcohol can be aggravated by the stress of trying to maintain abstinence after years of drinking or doing drugs. Because many people in recovery used alcohol and drugs to deal with stress in the past, any stress they experience while trying to remain sober can make their protracted withdrawal symptoms worse. Recovery experts believe the severity of post-acute withdrawal symptoms depend on upon two factors: the amount of damage alcohol and drug use did to the nervous system over the years and the amount of stress the person experiences during recovery. Symptoms People who experience post-acute withdrawal syndrome describe the symptoms as coming in waves or being on an emotional roller coaster of ups and downs. Recovering alcoholics and addicts, weeks into abstinence, report having these kinds of symptoms: Unstable and Unpredictable Moods: One of the most common symptoms reported by people suffering from PAWS are mood swings or unpredictable changes in their mood. They report sudden feelings of overwhelming depression without any reason or provocation, while later experiencing excited bouts of anxiety or agitation. Anhedonia: Anhedonia is losing interest in things that you previously enjoyed doing, sometimes described as having your ability to feel pleasure turned off. In extreme cases, anhedonia can extend to losing interest is pursuing basic needs, like eating. Intensified Emotions or Feelings of Numbness: This symptom can vary widely in recovering individuals. Many tend to overreact. Sometimes they can become overly excited and excessively angry over small matters, then go into a stage of not feeling any emotions at all. Some describe it as being empty or numb inside. Inability to Concentrate or Think Clearly: People experiencing protracted withdrawal will many times not have the ability to solve even simple problems due to their inability to think clearly. They report difficulty concentrating and sometimes its because they find it hard to think about anything but the fact that they are not drinking or using drugs. Rigid or repetitive thinking is also common. Poor Coordination and Clumsiness: This symptom is not as common as some symptoms of PAWS, but it is a serious one. Some people  in protracted withdrawal experience dizziness, slow reflexes, coordination problems and trouble with balance. People who experience stumbling and clumsiness during prolonged withdrawal can appear to be intoxicated when they are in fact abstinent. Sleep Disturbances: Probably the PAWS symptoms most responsible for relapses are those related to sleep disturbances. Not only do they find it difficult to fall asleep, but they will also find their sleep is interrupted. Many report having their sleep disturbed when they wake up after having a using dream in which they used alcohol or drugs. Strong Cravings: This, of course, is another reason that many trying to quit decide to relapse. Even after weeksâ€"and sometimes yearsâ€"of abstinence, people in recovery can suddenly experience strong cravings for their drug of choice. Increased Sensitivity to Stress: One unexpected protracted withdrawal symptoms for many recovering addicts is an increased sensitivity to stress and stressful events. Some report that they not only more easily stressed, but can become overwhelmed by even slightly stressful situations. Treatment experts believe that this hypersensitivity to stress can exacerbate all the other post-acute withdrawal symptoms. Signals of a Mood Disorder It is important to note that several of the symptoms of PAWS described aboveâ€"such as unstable moods, anhedonia, impaired concentration, and sleep disturbancesâ€"may also reflect a mood disorder like major depression. Mood disorders can often co-occur with substance use. If these symptoms persist, are severe, and particularly if they are accompanied by suicidal thoughts, a psychiatric evaluation should be sought. Coping Although information about post acute withdrawal is somewhat sparse in the scientific literature, it is well documented in the recovery community. Those who treat withdrawal symptoms and try to prevent relapse are very familiar with prolonged withdrawal. If you have gone through a professional treatment program or have been a member of a support group such as Alcoholics Anonymous in the past 20 years, you have probably heard a lot about post acute withdrawal syndrome. Best-selling author and internationally recognized substance abuse expert Terrence T. Terry Gorski literally wrote the book on post-acute withdrawal. His book, Staying Sober: A Guide for Relapse Prevention (buy it on Amazon) not only describes the syndrome in detail but outlines ways recovering people can cope with PAWS. Education: According to Gorski, the key to not letting protracted withdrawal symptoms result in a relapse is to educate yourself about the symptoms so that you know what to expect, prepare yourself to deal with each symptom as it arises, and develop a plan for handling stress without drugs and alcohol. Conditions that put you at high risk of experiencing post-acute withdrawal symptoms are usually lack of care of yourself and lack of attention to your recovery program, Gorski wrote. If you are going to recover without relapse you need to be aware of stressful situations in your life that can increase your risk of experiencing PAWS. Stress Management: Since you cannot remove yourself from all stressful situations you need to prepare yourself to handle them when they occur. It is not the situation that makes you go to pieces; it is your reaction to the situation, Gorski said. Bob Carty, director of clinical services at Hazelden in Chicago, agrees that knowing what the protracted withdrawal symptoms are is important to learn how to manage them. Successful management of your alcohol or drug withdrawal symptoms will help you feel better physically and emotionally, improve your self-esteem, and reduce your risk of relapse, Carty says on the Hazelden Betty Ford website. Symptoms  Management: Because stress can make PAWS symptom more intense, learning to manage stress can help you control your post-acute withdrawal symptoms, Gorski said. Tips for Managing PAWS Symptoms According to Staying Sober these are tools that you can use to control withdrawal symptoms:Identify your sources of stressDevelop decision-making and problem-solving skillsMaintain a proper dietExercise regularlyDevelop regular habitsKeep a positive attitudeLearn relaxation skills Both Gorski and Carty agree that talking about your symptoms and stress triggers with someone you trust, such as a counselor or an A.A. sponsor, can help you cope with prolonged withdrawal. Telling others about what you are experiencing can help you see the situation more realistically. Duration Some people who quit alcohol and drugs never experience post-acute withdrawal symptoms at all, while others can still face some symptoms years into abstinence. The amount of time the symptoms can last can also depend on the type of drug from which you are withdrawing. Recovery experts say that patients abstaining from alcohol and opiate-based painkillers will typically experience post-acute withdrawal from six to 24 months. However, there are reports of people abstaining from benzodiazepines who can experience some symptoms 10 years later. The symptoms of PAWS typically grow to peak intensity over three to six months after abstinence begins, Gorski said. The damage is usually reversible, meaning the major symptoms go away in time if proper treatment is received. So there is no need to fear. Help for Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome

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Answering Questions About Unions Versus Human Resources - 1100 Words

Answering Questions About Unions Versus Human Resources (Essay Sample) Content: Unions versus Human ResourcesNameInstitutionUnions versus Human Resources1. Explain how Unions, Human Resources Management Personnel, and Government Interventions (such as laws and regulations) serve to address worker rights and worker safety.We are in a critical age in history, where organizations are continually faced with numerous pressures ranging from increased globalization, tougher competition, rapid technological changes, as well as organizational changes. Without a doubt, such pressures can lead to undue expectations from workers. Accordingly, the evolving role of human resources management has bred approaches that respond to internal and external pressures by enabling administrative efficiency and employee contribution. At the same time, human resources management has transitioned from an era that focused on production and competitiveness to the current standard of engaging employees to achieve organizational effectiveness. The rights of workers have also re mained vital among government entities, and realized through the formation of laws and regulations. Fundamentally, the government has promoted workers rights and safety through facilitating the framework of labor unions (Beer, 1984). Ultimately, the primary purpose of labor unions is to address mandates that affect the rights and safety of workers.According to Lichtenstein (2013), in the beginning of the 20th century, labor unions played a major role in ending child labor and sweatshop conditions in the United States. Since then, unions have continued to uplift the working standards of Americans in various ways. Profoundly, unions facilitate job safety protections especially as economic conditions have led to less secure incomes due to downsizing and outside contracting. Unionization has led to the creation of wrongful termination laws that highlight claims for improper dismissal. Through collective bargaining, unions have enabled public and private workers to enjoy salaries at comp etitive rates while working in safe environments. Unions made holiday pay a reality and allowed the regulation of work hours to a 40-hour workweek. Efforts of the union have also led Equal Pay Acts (1963 and 2011), whistle Blower Protection Laws, Sick Leave, Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and Sexual Harassment Laws.Human resource personnel utilize employee engagement to ensure protection of workers rights. Employee engagement focuses on the relationship between the employee and the employer. It cultivates a culture of communication and employee participation, thereby ensuring that the needs and grievances of workers are known. With employee engagement, employee morale and productivity are increased, thereby facilitating compensation based on performance. In employee engagement, the human resource personnel protects the future of employees by creating training development programs that secure the careers of workers where changes in the organizations are likely to occur. Human r esource personnel also protect workers rights by disengaging from discrimination but rather being equal opportunity employers (Beer, 1984). In the design of company policies and regulations, human resources personnel support workers rights by formulating principles that are in line with the international and federal labor laws. Government interventions that serve to address worker rights and safety range from pay requirements to leave benefits. American workers receive minimum wage for their work through the stipulations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The law further ensures that non-exempt workers receive compensation for overtime worker (Lichtenstein, 2013). In addition, FLSA protects minors, for instance by limiting the number of hours children under 16 years can work in non-agricultural positions. Through the Occupational Safety and Health Act, the federal government has created numerous specific safety provisions to minimize hazards in the workplace. The Affordable Ca re Act is another government initiative that promotes the rights of workers to access health insurance. Moreover, the government provides a safety net for retired workers and those living with disabilities through the Social Security Act. Legal protections are put in place to avoid discrimination of workers using the Civil Rights Act (1964), the Age Discrimination Act (1967) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) (Lichtenstein, 2013). Since the beginning of the 20th century, the department of labor has enforced around 180 worker protection laws that continue to benefit millions of Americans. 2. Evaluate whether unions and HRM have unique roles for different groups (i.e., the organization, management, and the workers) or if there are areas of overlap.Unions and human resource managers have unique roles to different groups. Unions have a responsibility to organizations that are focused on employee safety to ensure that the management complies with the necessary regulations and does not endanger the workers. Human resource managers have a similar role to such bodies by ensuring that the companys policies highlight the regulations. When it comes to the roles of human resource managers and the unions towards the management, conflicting roles can be perceived. Human resource managers are set on ensuring that the management has a workforce that is highly productive and is of low cost. On the other hand, the union works at ensuring that the management employs a diverse workforce despite the costs incurred at securing talent. For instance, employing a person with a disability can be highly costly to an organization due to the assistive technologies required to be installed. Another conflicting role between the human resource and the union is towards workers. The unions goal is to ensure equal pay to workers while HRM aims at performance based pay (Lichtenstein, 2013). With proper coordination and communication, the union and HRM can work as teams to ensure a mu tually beneficial relationship. 3. Assess the following statement, Workers in the modern workplaces of America are w...

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Assignment On The National Board For Professional Teaching...

PDE Assignment Website Review NorV’etta Steward Chestnut Hill College PDE Assignment Website Review was the first website that I reviewed, NAEYC is an organization that promotes early childhood education in a high quality environment for children from ages of birth to 8years old. It’s a platform for professionals that provide membership for over 70, 0000 individual members of the early childhood community with 300 regional affiliate chapters. NAEYC is a collaborative initiative they set the standards of quality care it provides resources to help aide organizations educators in ensuring the highest quality of care is rendered. I t website offers award-winning journal and magazine, a library of bestselling books and manuals, as well as digital media that a vast number of members rely on. National Board for Professional Teaching standards was founded in 1987 it is an independent, nonprofit organization that works to advance teachers for students on every level. Their mission is to â€Å"The founding mission of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards is to advance the quality of teaching and learning by: maintaining high and rigorous standards for what accomplished teachers should know and be able to do; providing a national voluntary system certifying teachers who meet these standards; advocating related education reforms to integrate National Board Certification in American education and to capitalize on the expertise of National BoardShow MoreRelatedBenefits of Online Classes1205 Words   |  5 Pageslearn all that I can so that the students with special needs get the most up to date teaching strategies that are appropriate, effective and research based. The modules were all informational and the assignments that went with each of the modules helped me learn about the information with deep understanding because it offered a variety of web sites to look up, which provided me with more information on learning standards and the disabilities that children have. It also gives feedback to educators on howRead MoreElementary Education Essay1280 Words   |  6 Pagesprivate schools are not required to be licensed. d. Each state honors its own individual certifications. However, The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards offers a voluntary national certification, which is also honored by each state. Having a National Boards certification usually results in a higher income. III. Salary and Employment e. Teaching salaries vary by state, experience level, and location. f. Elementary teachers hold about 1.5 million jobs. EmploymentRead MoreHow Technology Has Changed My Life970 Words   |  4 PagesWhen I achieved national board certification, my use of technology was limited to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Through the certification process, I realized I needed to expand my use of technology to enhance my teaching, augment student learning, and prepare students for a variety of technology-rich work environments. I joined the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). As a member of ISTE, I participate in several Professional Learning Networks, including Digital CitizenshipRead MoreThe Assessment Data Of The Miles College Self Study777 Words   |  4 Pages1.1.a What did the evidence reveal about the unit continuing to meet this standard? The assessment data included in the Miles College self-study states that candidates preparing to work in schools, know and demonstrate content knowledge, pedagogical skills and professional dispositions needed to be facilitators of learning for all students in P-12 schools (IR, p. 3). . The Professional Education Unit at Miles College prepares candidates, at the initial level, in ten Alabama State Department ofRead MoreExploring The Power And Purpose Behind Choice Writing996 Words   |  4 PagesPurpose Behind Choice Writing in Kindergarten 2. WHY: Post Title: Working With Young Writers: Examining Best Practices Message: Kids using the Writing Workshop approach learn and refine specific skills they apply during independent workshop time. When teaching to support and develop independent writers, we want kids to build enduring connections that they can apply when they write†¦beyond the workshop.   We want them to own understandings of conventions and the potential of written text and use their skillsRead MoreThe Professional Education Unit ( Peu )893 Words   |  4 PagesThe Professional Education Unit (PEU) at Miles College prepares candidates, at the initial level, in ten Alabama State Department of Education approved program of study areas. The unit programs of study are: Biology Education, Chemistry/Chemistry Education, Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, English Language Arts Education, General Science Education, History/Social Science Education, Mathematics/Mathematics Education, Music/Music Education (Choral), and Music/Music Education (Instrumental)Read MoreThe Imp ortance Of Nursing Patients With Multi Resistant Organisms ( Mros )1269 Words   |  6 Pagesdemonstrating nursing care with patients requiring standard and contact precautions using a model of reflection. Reflection is the process in which learners engage to recapture, notice and re-evaluate their experience, to work with their experience and to turn it into learning (Boud et al, 1993). The skill of reflection is essential to the development of clinical knowledge and ability which allows the learner to consider personal and professional skills and identify needs for ongoing development (Levett-JonesRead MoreBehavior Analysis : The Scientific Study Of Behavior1296 Words   |  6 Pagesassessments and analyzing data to identify areas of need, and functionality of behaviors; writing, revising, and overseeing the implementation of treatment plans; and teaching others to implement plans. Education In order to practice ABA as a BCBA, one must earn national certification through the behavior analysis certification board. This is accomplished through taking appropriate classes, meeting required prerequisites, and passing the certification test offered through the BACB. One avenue toRead MoreA Call For Common Content Essay908 Words   |  4 Pagestheory labeled as professional development.   Having state oversight bodies oversee teacher preparation and development based on Common Core Curriculum would be refreshing.   Ã¢â‚¬Å"In order to create a national system, we must begin with standards, then adopt curriculum and curriculum materials and then develop assessment – in that order.† (Koonce, 2014, p. 118)   If resources were spent on teachers to address, create, assess and coach Common Core Standards this would be true professional development.    InRead MoreThe Curriculum : Education Courses That Promote Professional Nursing Knowledge And Practice1121 Words   |  5 PagesCriterion 4.4: The curriculum includes general education courses that enhance professional nursing knowledge and practice. †¨ Prerequisite general education courses to complete the nursing program consist of anatomy and physiology I II, microbiology, composition I II, sociology speech communications, mathematics for nursing, nursing technology, growth and development, general psychology, and workshop for hybrid students. Starting Fall 2015 semester the school of nursing will no longer require

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Sociology and the Holocaust Essay - 977 Words

Fascism is one type of political system based on the notion that some races are superior to others. Something that seems ridiculous in to enlightened modern day thinkers, which unfortunately makes it all the more difficult to try and understand for someone who has not experienced it. However by looking through history and taking into account some of the results of practised fascism, we can maybe begin to understand why so many people took up, and are still taking up fascism. Hopefully then we can understand exactly what we should learn from it, and possibly understand how we can prevent it appearing on the scale it did in the Second World War. Firstly I will look at some of the effects of fascism, starting with one of the most†¦show more content†¦But why racism? It is generally believed by sociologists that one cannot be a racist unless he is distinguishing between different biological traits between people, which somehow make one biological race superior to another. And Hi tler knew how bitter the Germans were about the loss of the First World War, so he needed a reason to give them as to why they lost. So he turned to racism and began distinguishing the Aryans from other races in Germany such as the Jews and homosexuals. By blaming the mixing of these inferior races into Aryan blood he gave the people a reason to believe they were better than someone else, and gave them a purpose, people to blame for Germanys devastated economy. What exactly have these acts of fascism taught us? Have they shown us how easily a country with a population the size Germanys can turn into murderer racists and fascists if left in the correct conditions? It would certainly be incorrect to assume that this is not why the Germans embraced fascism, but are there any implications of other influences that may have caused these events. Socially, we can try to argue that even deprivation on the scale felt by the German people is not enough to force a society to become something they are not, unless really they already are. Throughout history there have been so many wars between different races. Although issues of religion are often the main driving forces between warringShow MoreRelatedHolocaust Sociology Essay1561 Words   |  7 PagesGevorg Petrosyan Professor Wonser Intro to Sociology 23 June 2012 Final Project, Assignment 2: Nazi Germany and Holocaust The Holocaust was the genocide of around six million European Jews during World War II. (Holocaust History) Nazi Germany led by Adolf Hitler had targeted every single Jew to be perished. Unfortunately Nazi Germany succeeded to murder two-thirds of the nine million Jews who were stationed in Europe. (Holocaust History) The Holocaust can be viewed at in many sociological perspectivesRead MoreNazi Death Camps in the Night by Elie Wiesel833 Words   |  4 Pagesto their own people. Wiesel had to fight internally with himself to keep himself going in the toughest times. Elie wanted to give up hope, but he knew he couldnt. Night can relate back to sociology in many different ways. The book is mainly about the Holocaust. The Holocaust can be related back to sociology such as Social Darwinism. Social Darwinism is the theory of evolution that is explored by Charles Darwin. Darwinism uses terms like â€Å"survival of the fittest.† That term is applied to societyRead MoreThe Slavery Of The Holocaust1391 Words   |  6 Pagesone of which is historical precedent. A previous historical account of reparations occurred in 1952 when West Germany began its journey of redemption for the horrors of the Holocaust. Cotes gives useful background information needed to understand the events that led up to the Israelites receiving reparations for the Holocaust. The road to reparations was a violent one indeed, but the end result was the Jewish people receiving reparations from West Germany. According to Joe Feagin, in his paper â€Å"DocumentingRead MoreTo What Extent Can Reparations Affect The Quality Of Life F or African Americans? Essay1645 Words   |  7 Pagesalso goes on to speak about four cases that have been given reparations by state governments, most notably in Rosewood, Florida, but also in California, Oklahoma, and Chicago. Joe Feagin Ph.D., another Harvard Professor, works in the Department of sociology and researches Racial and Ethnic Studies amongst other areas. In his papers, he mentions the most notable instance for reparations in Rosewood, Florida. In Rosewood during the year 1920, there was a vicious attack on an African American communityRead MoreEssay about Ethnocentrism And Cultural Relativity551 Words   |  3 Pagesimportant concepts known as ethnocentrism and cultural relativity. Ethnocentrism is â€Å"the attitude of prejudice or mistrust towards outsiders that may exist within a group (in-group) in relation to other (out-group)†Ã¢â‚¬ ¦. (Harper-Collin Dictionary of Sociology). Importantly, there are also three levels of ethnocentrism: a positive one, a negative one, and an extreme negative one. The positive definition defines ethnocentrism as â€Å"the point of view that one’s own way of life is to be preferred to all others†Read MoreGlobal Genocides And The Holocaust1324 Words   |  6 PagesGenocides Understood by Sociology It is made known that before 1944, the term â€Å"genocide† did not exist. A Polish-Jewish lawyer named Raphael Lemkin wanted to describe the acts of the Nazi policies, in regards to the mass murders of the European Jews. Using the Greek word â€Å"geno-â€Å", meaning race or tribe, as well as the Latin word â€Å"-cide† for killing, he formed the word â€Å"genocide† ( Staff). According to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the term holocaust means, â€Å"Any of the followingRead MoreThe Issue Of Gay Marriages1028 Words   |  5 PagesThaomy Tran Professor Kathleen Gish Sociology 1101-113 September 2, 2015 The Issue Of Gay Marriages Through The Eyes Of Sociologists Gay marriages have been an ongoing event in the United States for many years. It was not until June 26, 2015 when gay marriage was legalized for all states with a five to four ratio. With gay marriage being legalized, there became many controversies in the nation. The most recent controversy was when a Kentucky county clerk was jailed after defying a federal courtRead MoreHistorical Reference Of Social Psychology1169 Words   |  5 Pagespsychology is an integrative field that builds the gap between psychology and sociology. Sociology, on the other hand, is the scientific study of human behavior. In addition, social psychology is a comparatively new field that originated in the early 20th century. In 1954 Gordon Allport nominated Auguste Comte, the French philosopher as the founder of social psychology, he saw it as a science separate from both psychology and sociology; he called it la morale positive (Allport, 1968). In this historicalRead MoreDiscrimination : Nature Or Nurture139 9 Words   |  6 Pageslooked at Shmuel, the mass genocides would have never occurred and they would have realized that everyone is equal and deserved to live just as much as they did. Although this book primarily resolves around the discrimination of Jews during the Holocaust, much similar discrimination occurs today. This results in the majority of people growing up to witness some form of racism or discrimination within the duration of their lifetime. Reading this moving story helps others to understand that everyoneRead MoreHistory Of The Holocaust Midterm Essays1580 Words   |  7 PagesTrudy Morse 10/15/2017 JST3701 Professor Julia Phillips-Berger History of the Holocaust Midterm Essays 1) Antisemitism, the hatred for the Jewish people, has been called the longest hatred in history. This history is deep rooted and has existed for thousands of years, taking different forms throughout its existence, and intensifying up until and through the Holocaust, to then diminish to an extent but still be prevalent in most societies. Antisemitism exists in different forms, religious, ethnic

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Internet Is Getting More Advanced - 1388 Words

Internet is getting more advanced. People over the world have access to the Internet at their home that allows them to be educated, to communicate with families and friends from far distance, and to be entertain by movies. Colleges, hospital, and other public places also provide free Internet for people to use. Internet makes it possible for people to share their knowledge of education and their experimental around the world. Teachers across the world can communicate with each other better than before all because of Internet. Some people may argue that Internet has negatively effects students’ personal life and distracted them from finishing their assignments. Although the Internet can be distracting if it not used wisely but no matter†¦show more content†¦Not all the resources online are credible, mainly people opinion but most of them are credible because it involved experimental and logical facts. If college students are not careful about using credible resources t hen they will face difficulty during their research and will end up having an inadequate research paper. Finding credible resources online is challenging when searching in Google or Wikipedia. It involved a lot of reading and critical thinking and the articles may not be reliable at the end, which is a waste of time. To make it easier for students to find credible resources without having to search everywhere else, most colleges are now have online library systems where students can find information about scholarly articles with databases by reading online using a computer. This library system is useful and less stressful for the students to use and having access to the Internet at all time gives them freedom to fully concentrated on finding the right article that supports their paper. A study of students’ attitudes and usage toward the Internet in an agriculture course found that students use the Internet because it is easy to understand, important, beneficial, believable an d accurate (Rhoades et al.) Students can stay at home to do their research by login online through library system without

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Underground Railroad And West Virginia - 1318 Words

Underground Railroad in Delaware, Maryland, and West Virginia For this critical review, I chose Underground Railroad in Delaware, Maryland, and West Virginia by William J. Switala. The purpose of this book was to explain exactly what the underground railroad was, how the slaves communicated with safe places, how it operated, and a few stories of how some of the slaves escaped away to the underground railroad and freedom. He also gives insight to what happened if the slaves were caught trying to escape or caught by another slave owner. Not to mention if a slave took a wrong turn or did not follow the signs left by others that had found freedom. He could find himself caught in broad daylight trying to escape. The Underground Railroad was†¦show more content†¦No doubt, I’m sure, some of the slaves debated turning back and receiving punishment just so they could have sustainable meals and shelter. In one account, Switala talks about James W. C. Pennington in one case. He had a minimum amount of food that he could bring with him, a half-pound piece of cornbread to be exact. The food he took with him had only sustained him for a few days. He was captured by another slave owner and had to plan another escape once again. Pennington had eventually ended up at the residence of Quaker W. W. and finally found his freedom. In this case, it was insane to see all the trials and tribulations that a slave had to go through just to get to freedom. Pennington was asked if he had his freedom papers and he lied saying yes as well as other lies that he composed along the way. I think it was wrong that an individual, a human being, had to go through so much just to be treated like a â€Å"white individual† at the time. Slaves were nothing more than property to most and some were even more valuable than others due to the trade skills that they knew or learned. I think one reason that it was hard for some of the slaves to escape is that there were so many different routes to choose from to get to safety. Sometimes the routes were not deemed safe or would change. In my opinion the slave owners were greedy back then too. Some offered rewards for the return of their slaves because basically without the slaves, the slave ownersShow MoreRelatedUnderground Railroad Essay Outline1333 Words   |  6 PagesTHE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD 1 The Underground Railroad Raymond Allen Setlock West Catholic High School THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD 2 Our country’s history had its good times and also its bad times. One of our bad times in our country’s history was the time when the United States allowed slavery toRead MoreThe Slavery Of African Americans1208 Words   |  5 Pages9 seasons, he was a running back, kick returner, and a punt returner. Since, I have talked about baseball and football I have to talk about basketball. The first African American NBA player to make a debut was named Earl Lloyd. Earl went to West Virginia State where he was a star on his championship basketball team. After that Earl went on and got drafted. He was drafted into the NBA draft in the 9th round, he was not the only African American that got drafted there was two African Americans theRead MoreThe Underground Railroad And Its Influence On The Civil War1545 Words   |  7 PagesThe Underground Railroad was neither underground nor a railroad. A revolutionary event taking place during the civil war, it was an informal network of sympathetic whites in violation of the Fugitive Slave Act passed in 1850 to help enslaved African s escape secretly in order to gain freedom in Northern States or Canada. This research paper will examine the movement of the Underground Railroad by reviewing primary and secondary sources available to successfully des cribe several sentiments regardingRead MoreThe Dred Scott Trial, Bleeding Kansa1536 Words   |  7 PagesThe Civil War had many things that contributed to the start of it such as slavery. Events like The Underground Railroad, Missouri Compromise, Nat Turner Rebellion, compromise of 1850, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, the Dred Scott trial, Bleeding Kansa, John Brown Raid, Abe’s Election and the Battle of Fort Sumter. All of these events had key factors, even the smallest things add up. Whether it be an uprising or even a book might change the views or opinions that you have on slavery. What if it supported yourRead MoreEssay about History of Slavery in America1731 Words   |  7 Pagesslavery they think of the Underground Railroad. Many uninformed people might think was a real railroad underground. The Underground Railroad was actually a network of people who helped slaves escape to freedom in Canada, Mexico or Spanish Florida. It got its name when a slaveholder tried to find ou t where his missing slaves must have gone. He had presumed that it was a underground railroad. The only problem was that no one actually found a railroad that was underground that helped slaves on theirRead MoreEssay on underground railroad1680 Words   |  7 Pagesnbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Introduction nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The Underground Railroad, the pathway to freedom which led a numerous amount of African Americans to escape beginning as early as the 1700‘s, it still remains a mystery to many as to exactly when it started and why. (Carrasco). The Underground Railroad is known by many as one of the earliest parts of the antislavery movement. Although the system was neither underground nor a railroad, it was a huge success that will never be forgotten. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;IRead MoreEssay about An Inside Look at the American Civil War999 Words   |  4 Pagescompromises contributed to the start of the civil war, the first of which is the Missouri Compromise. People at the time believed in manifest destiny. Manifest destiny is the belief that it is their right to own all of the land from the east coast to the west coast. Because of this, America acquired the Louisiana territory. With all of the addition of other lands, people were arguing about whether to admit states as free of slave. The Missouri Compromise of 1820 was passed to try to solve this controversyRead MoreThe Civil War : A Bloody Battle1150 Words   |  5 PagesMovement. The Abolitionist Movement took place from 1830 and lasted till 1859 and the Underground Railroad was involved in the movement. The Underground Railroad helped slaves escape to the north to look for new jobs and to be free. Abolitionist mobs would attack men that were sent to retrieve the runaways. The most famous activist was a woman named Harriet Tubman. She led the slaves to the Underground Railroad and helped them escape. During the Civil War, Harriet was a nurse and a spy and her peopleRead MoreEssay on The Road to Freedom—the Underground Railroad2714 Words   |  11 Pagesto Freedom—the Underground Railroad Introduction Many times I have suffered in the cold, in beating rains pouring in torrents from the watery clouds, in the midst of the impetuosity of the whirlwinds and wild tornadoes leading on my company—not to the field of...war...but to the land of impartial freedom, where the bloody lash was not buried in the quivering flesh of a slave.... (7,p.i). Such were the conditions of the Underground Railroad. It was a fictitous railroad but served theRead More Biography of Harriet Tubman Essay1597 Words   |  7 Pagesa very small on-room log hut, that was located behind her families owners house. The huthad a dirt floor, no windows, and no furniture. Her fater, Benjamin Ross, and mother, Harriet Green, were both slaves. They were from the Ashanti ribe of West Africa. Edward Brodas, Harriets owner, hired her out as a laborer by the age of five. The buying and selling of humans was a big deal in America between the late 1600s and the 1800s. By 1835 there were over two million black men, women

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Bill locked the last bolt on the door. â€Å"Another day finished† Bill said with a sigh. â€Å"I’ll just finish putting these in the back room†. We will write a custom essay sample on Secrets – Creative Writing or any similar topic only for you Order Now Sue heaved the last box into the storeroom and dropped it on the floor. She took the pencil out of her mouth and started marking of the boxes on the clipboard. â€Å"Nine..Ten..Ele†¦What the hell!!† She slowly stepped towards the strange object and as she approached it she began to realize what it was. â€Å"BILLLLLLLLL† she screamed. A figure appeared in the doorframe, when Sue turned around she was shocked to see him smirking. † I see you’ve found my little, how would you put†¦surprise† Sues mouth dropped open. â€Å"But, what, how, who is it?† Sue stammered. â€Å"Just someone that needed, taken care of. Now we’re not going to tell anyone are we? We wouldn’t like that to be you, would we?† he replied with a nod. Sue was rooted to the spot. She could feel her body shivering with fear. She felt like she had been standing there for hours. When reality finally hit her she let out a huge scream and ran for her life. â€Å"She won’t get far† Bill said to himself with a menacing laugh. Sue ran along the cold, wet streets of Lairg, tears streaming down her face. She was distraught; she didn’t know where she was going all she knew was that it wasn’t home. How could she go home in this state her father was sure to notice and as thousands of questions. She couldn’t cope with it, not after what she’d seen. Images kept flickering through her head, of Bills evil face and the arm. She was traumatized. Throwing herself down onto the wet steps of Spar. She couldn’t think straight no matter how much she tried her mind was full of worries and images. How could she go on, knowing about that poor person Bill had supposedly â€Å"taken care of†, knowing about the kind of person Bill really is. Bill watched as the young girl slowly mounted the emergency steps to the roof of Spar. He grinned as he saw a tearful face appear at the edge of the roof. After muttering a few silent words the girl flung herself of the roof. Bill stood up and looked around for any witness’. Nobody was around. He grabbed the girls’ hair and dragged her behind Spar. â€Å"I didn’t even touch her† he muttered into his mobile, â€Å"I’m at Spar come and pick me up†¦and her† â€Å"So please anyone that has any information about the disappearance of Sue Macbeath contact us the number is 084† the police officers plea was cut short as Bill turned his television off. He spooned the last of his corn flakes into his mouth and dropped the plate into the sink. The familiar sound of a bell ringing on the shop door alarmed Bill, as he was busy in the storeroom. Well, he thought with some annoyance, Sue will just have to wait for now. He briskly left the storeroom, closing the door tightly behind him. He looked all around, nobody to be seen. Just as he was about to turn around and go back into the room he heard a radio crackle. â€Å"No sign of anyone here. Over.† A deep, manly voice said. Bill spun round and was greeted by an overweight, red-faced policeman. â€Å"Well, Hello young man† said the jolly policeman patting Bill on the back. Bill gave a weak smile. â€Å"Can I help you officer?† he said. â€Å"Well, as you may have already a young lass b the name of Sue Mcbeath has gone missing† he said without much effort. Bill felt like he was reciting a well-rehearsed speech. â€Å"Anyway, to get to the point† he added. † We believe that she was a colleague and a friend of yours†. â€Å"Yes† Bill gave a fake sigh. † A very good friend of min. Last time I saw her was yesterday evening, around five to six. I told her she could go early and that I would lock up.† â€Å"Did she say where she was going?† â€Å"No officer. I just presumed she would be going home like usual.† â€Å"Was she acting at all strangely?† â€Å"No officer. Just being her usual cheery self.† Bill told the officer as he wrote notes down on his note-pad. â€Å"Well son. I reckon I’ll be back, but for now, don’t give up hope eh? We’ll find her† he said comfortingly, chucking Bills chin. â€Å"Thanks you officer. I’ll be sure to give you a call if I think of anything else† And with that the officer left. Bill tapped a number into his mobile. â€Å"Darren?† he said â€Å"I’ve just has that police in here. I think you’d better come over.† The whole of Lairg was on a hunt for Sue Macbeath. There were new conferences on the television and reports on the radio. The plea that chocked Bill the most was the one from Sues stepfather. â€Å"She was a bright, cheery, joyful girl who had her whole life ahead of her† her teary eyed stepfather said. â€Å"Please whoever knows where she is or even thinks they know where she could be just contact us. We just want our little girl back. Thank you† It was one week on and Bill was getting ready too lock up. After spraying half a can of air freshener in the storeroom, he covered the body with boxes of crisps and sweets. It was starting to decay and Bill was dick with worry. He just didn’t no where to dispose of the body. A chap on the door disturbed Bill from his thought. Standing outside the door were several policemen and Sues stepfather Darren. Bill and Darren exchanged worried glances. â€Å"Officer, I really don’t think this is necessary† Bill could hear Darren say. â€Å"She phoned to say she was leaving.† Bill opened the door and the policemen swept past him. The fat, red-faced policeman didn’t look so happy this time. Without even glancing at Bill he produced and important looking piece of paper. â€Å"We’re here to search this building. We have a warrant.† Pointing to different officers he directed them to different parts of the shop. â€Å"And me, I’ll check here† he said nodding his head towards the storeroom. Bill and Darren followed him. â€Å"Where’s the light in here† â€Å"Well actually officer† Bill said pointing to he roof â€Å"The bulbs burst† â€Å"No worries, I’ll use my torch.† He shone his torch all over the room kicking empty boxes out of his way. As he got nearer and nearer the body Bill held his breath. Just as he was about to reach it, he turned around. â€Å"No, nothing here.† It was the same from every officer. Darren burst into tears. â€Å"We’ll ever find her† Darren cried through great big sobs. â€Å"Don’t worry son, this was only a quick scan. The shop will be cornered off and we’ll have snuffer dogs in by tonight. The officers were about to leave. Darren was still in tears. â€Å"Uhmm officer† Bill Said † I was just about to get my break so I could make Mr.Mcbeath a cup of tea or coffee if that’s ok† â€Å"What would you like to do Mr Macbeath?† asked the policeman â€Å"A cup of tea would be great. I’ll call my wife and she’ll pick me up.† Darren sniffed. â€Å"We shall phone this evening Mr Mcbeath with more information† the policeman called as he left the shop. As the sound of the police van leaving got more distant Darren looked up at Bill with a grin. â€Å"Wow!! That was a close one! Now, what were you saying about the quarry for the body?† Darren said How to cite Secrets – Creative Writing, Papers