Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Integration Paper (Operations Management) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Integration Paper (Operations Management) - Essay Example These two concepts when taken personally and professional are very much and related and cannot be really separated. Personally, ERP is something that one needs to learn in order to maximize the use of resources (financial and time). I know that I can relate on how specific inputs should be handled in order to get the most benefits. An example of this is the efficient allocation of budget which is very significant with the current economic situation. Professionally, the concepts of ERP and SCM should always be considered in any activity noting the profit maximizing goal of the firm. Thus, each employee should see to it that all resources should be put into best use. The most interesting lesson for the week is JIT and lean operations. I am really amazed by these concepts in operations management. I have always wondered why Dell Inc does not have retail distributors for their products. I thought it might have been just easy for them to stock their products and wait for walk-in customers to buy. However, with the discussion, I have appreciated this strategy of JIT where products are manufactured as they are ordered by customers.

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